YouTube Video SEO – Search Engine Optimization

YouTub video SEO – thousands of people who treat YouTube as the best exposing and promotional field for their videos are already used to the term SEO, which is perceived as a system of effective procedures for correct promotion of the video and obtaining real results starting from getting viewers and development of an optimum workflow of the exposed vids till selling real products and services.

Planning – Important Tips About Video Preparation

  1. The topic of the video should be aligned with relevant keywords

    Two tools may be very useful, they are Google Keyword Tool and/or YouTube Keyword Tool which will help you to reach the right goal in finding the keywords. To add to this, below are several useful steps to be followed:

    Shaping the needed idea for your video
    The idea you need for good promotion is something everyone needs or wants. Try to look at you video product from the right angle and make use of all secrets of motivation the audience.
    Additional Ideas
    A good idea is usually accompanied with a number of some more good topics drawing universal attention.
    Finding tags
    Tags are to be used while uploading your video, developing description and creating a title. They are obligatory.
    Link Building
    The option of linking with key words greatly enlarges the expansion of your video in the Internet.
  2. Your video should be provided with script
    Good scripts keep your audience Watching
    Based on video conversion techniques you may create a short summary of your video, which will be seen by thousands, a great deal of which would like to see more and go to the original one.
    Your video should be indexed by all search engines
    The script and embedded video are to be published on your blog, and all switch rearches will immediately index them.
    YouTube’s automated transcripts
    These services leave much to be desired nowadays so do everything yourself: upload the script and it will be associated with the words on your video. Besides, the script may be placed in the description field while uploading.


Now it’s obviously important to convert viewers into visitors. Below are some hints of how to maximize such conversion.

  1. Make a Watermark of your URL. This will make your viewers click and get involved.

  2. Shorter videos are better for conversion. They are eagerly watched till the end.

  3. Annotations planning. Annotations help you to draw the viewer’s attention to other videos, channel or a subscribe link, so you have to plan for their usage well.

  4. The right ending results in multiple conversions. Implement the necessary tips concerning video endings to win the audience.

  5. Ask the viewers to leave likes, favorites and comments. This highly improves your video rankings in the search engine. Teach people how to help you to occupy first lines.

Video Uploading

At this stage we create the best ever title for your video based on the human-oriented keywords. It should be laconic and catching at the same time. Then it is advised to rename the file and… we come straight to uploading. While the video is being uploaded insert the title and get the URL.

It is very important that you use the full URL and the full line address of your site. Both links will lead the audience to your pages. Besides, you may link to affiliated products, give bonuses for clicking, show where the link is with visual signes, rent or sell the link space if it’s possible.

Description comes the next. It should clearly define the topic of the video and be full of characteristic key-words.Tagging has to be adequate in number and relevant in contents. Your channel name may also be added as a tag.

There may be certain post-uploading things done, particularly picking thumbnails, which will be shown in search results. Besides, you may take to annotations of video ending, for instance. Arrange transcriptions as well, so that your video could be synchronized with the text. So, upload the transcript and turn on captions.


It’s good to create a blog for your video, thus increasing the number of participants, i.e. viewers. Posting a bulletin and video responses also makes the number of people watching increase.

Once you’ve reached 500 views the “HotSpots” will be calculated letting you know which parts of your video are the most attractive. You may describe them in annotations for subscriptions and increase the number of subscribers as well.

At this very stage people choose tags optimization based on the analysis of all the previously achieved results. If you apply all the above-mentioned information each time you upload your video, you’ll make you own easy-to-follow algorithm and get fantastic results each time, thus enjoying your time on YouTube.